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Habits, Honor, & Health

What You Missed Mondays with Diane The Spiritual Side of Mentoring Mentoring others isn’t simply an option to help other women in their careers. It is actually a Biblical mandate. Lori Berry shares instructions for building these relationships straight from God’s word. Wednesday Interview The… Read More

The Spiritual Side of Mentoring

One of 4word’s passion areas is mentoring. It’s one of the great ways we support women in the workplace as they seek to honor God, honor their families, and excel in the place where God has called them to work. We don’t often talk about the spiritual and… Read More

Music, Midlife & Merry Christmas

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Why You Should Be a Mentor (Yes you. Yes now.) No matter where you are in your life or career, you have valuable experience and perspective to offer those coming behind you, and there’s always someone coming behind. Read Diane… Read More

Gender, Grief & Groban

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Winner Winner, Christmas Dinner This time of year can really drain a competitive person. There are two ways high-achieving women tend to respond to a challenge they can’t win: outdo or opt out. Read Lori Berry's latest post on how… Read More

Clocks, Carpools & Certifications

Did you miss #GivingTuesday? You can still participate! On Tuesday, 4word took part in the national #GivingTuesday event. If you missed this event, there are still ways you can give to support 4word before the end of the year! Click here to find out how you… Read More

Connections are Key

When Megan Weinkauf, Recruiting Manager with AcctKnowledge, decided it was time to transition from her already-established accounting career path to something new, she was faced with a situation many professionals find themselves struggling to come to terms with: where do I even begin? Find out how she forged… Read More

Devotionals, Drones & Divorce

What You Missed Mondays with Diane You CAN Step Away If you’re looking at an upcoming extended leave from your job, whether for health, family, or other reasons, here are some tips from our content manager and new mom, Jordan Johnstone. She shares on how… Read More

Perks, Parallels & Prayers

What You Missed Mondays with Diane The Business of Being Married Diane Paddison believes that a solid money management and communication plan is part of our Biblical responsibility to steward God’s resources, and it just as crucial to the health of your marriage. So how do… Read More

Creativity, Confidence & Casseroles

What You Missed Mondays with Diane What Honky Tonk Taught Me About Submission 4word Director of Operations, Lori Berry, loves to go Honky Tonk dancing with her husband. This week on the blog she shares with us the valuable lesson learned about submission by partner dancing… Read More

Finances, Fasting & Formulas

What You Missed Mondays with Diane So You Hate Your Job. Now What? A whopping 69% of all U.S. employees describe themselves as “not engaged,” or as “actively disengaged” from their jobs. So what can you do with a job you hate? Diane Paddison… Read More

Be Silent and Surrender

One of the biggest dilemmas we face in life is whether or not what we’re doing is “right.” Are we at the right job? Are we with the right person? Have we surrounded ourselves with the right people? Stephanie Kaihoi, Executive Director of Legacy Living Ministries, talks with… Read More

Strength, Sexuality & Spaghetti

What You Missed Mondays with Diane What to Consider Before Freelancing If a freelancing career is luring you away from your desk job, it might be time to do some “career soul searching” before making a drastic job change. Take a look at Diane Paddison's three… Read More

Balance, Bodies & Bad Habits

What You Missed Mondays with Diane No Flirting at the Water Cooler What’s the big deal about flirting at work? It’s possible that flirting could put you at a short term advantage, but as a long term strategy, it stinks, both for your reputation and your… Read More

Babies, Boycotts & Breakfast

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Be the Bigger (Wo)Man Scripture tells us we will have conflict in life, and it’s how we handle the conflict that matters. How can we ease the tension, especially in the workplace? 4word Director of Operations, Lori Berry, shares great… Read More

Find Your Sweet Spot

You find yourself getting to the end of your day, with barely enough energy to crawl into bed. You logged time at the office, played chauffeur all around town after school, and managed to pull together something remotely nutritious for dinner. Yet you find yourself dreaming about doing… Read More

Abstinence, Alarms & Apples

What You Missed Mondays with Diane What You’re Doing Wrong In Meetings Every meeting (even that boring, internal, “useless-feeling” one) is an opportunity to present yourself in your best light. Diane Paddison shares some of the most common mistakes made in meetings, and how to avoid… Read More

Roommates, Resumes & Reshaping

A special offer just for YOU! As a way to show just how much we appreciate your support of 4word during national 4word Giving Day, we wanted to share this exclusive coupon code from BeautyKind, an online retailer that allows you to buy the brands you love and… Read More

Sex, Success & Steps

THANK YOU to everyone who supported 4word during Giving Day last week! We are overwhelmed by the support we received from the 4word community during last week's national Giving Day event! Whether you offered your financial support, prayed for us, or helped spread the word about the… Read More