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CrossFit, College, & Cooking

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Don’t Get Defensive Is it hard for you to hear feedback? Most of us would like to say that it’s not. After all, each of us wants to be the type of person who humbly and honorably receives… Read More

Sleep, Storytelling & Sundays

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Who Am I? Work is something which often defines us, whether we meant for it to or not. Lori Berry discusses her journey through job transitions, balancing family and rediscovering her identity. Wednesday Interview The Dangers of Happiness Every day,… Read More

Daughters, Disciplines & Dyeing Eggs

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Diapers and Deadlines: Working from Home Before becoming a work-from-home mom, Jordan Johnstone had many expectations about her upcoming professional and personal shift. Find out if her expectations became realities! Wednesday Interview Female Jerry Maguire Reinvents her Career… Read More

Complaining, Companies & Crafts

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Someone to Pull You Up Have you ever felt like you needed a hand to pull you up? Ever had the opportunity to be that hand? Diane Paddison shares why women helping other women is so vital to our success.… Read More

Someone to Pull You Up

Ask any woman who has traversed the winding path of career, family, and faith, and they are sure to tell you one thing: they wouldn’t be where they are today without the help of women who walked ahead of them. These women come in all shapes and sizes:… Read More

Babies, Businesswomen & Breakfast

What You Missed Mondays with Diane I Want My Baby Back Going through a “parenting growth spurt? As our children grow up and transition through the different life stages, so does our parenting. Wednesday Interview Making a Difference With Monkeys We spoke with Nubia Echevarria,… Read More

Unqualified, Unequal & Unimpressed

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Single Mom, You’re My Hero Nurturing a home AND a family? We think working mothers are everyday superheroes! Wednesday Interview Mentorship and The Church Author Natasha Sistrunk Robinson talks with us about her upcoming book "Mentor for Life: Finding… Read More

Mentorship and The Church

Mentorship is traditionally thought of as a professional, career-based relationship between a mentor and a mentee. But what about mentorship in the church? Is it really needed? Author Natasha Sistrunk Robinson says, “Yes!” and shares with us why she’s so passionate about mentoring as “intentional discipleship” within the… Read More

Changes, Callings & Crushes

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Single? Embrace it! Single? Embrace it with the help of relationship coach Jennifer Spaulding on our blog. Wednesday Interview Family First Finding the balance between work and home is not easy. Molly Fletcher, CEO, keynote speaker, and author, shares… Read More

Singleness, Sabotage & Secrets

Thank you for celebrating with us! We can't thank you enough for joining us at our first annual gala! We are excited to announce that together we exceeded our budgeted goal by 40%. It was a huge success, and it wouldn't have been possible without your support!… Read More

Diversity, Decade & Data Scientist

Celebrate 4word with us, no matter where you are! We cannot wait to celebrate 4word next Saturday, February 6! The first-ever Leap 4word Gala will be a time for supporters of 4word to come together and spend an evening commemorating the heart and mission of 4word. For those… Read More

Traits, Tools & Tearjerkers

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Stick with Spiritual Habits There are quite a few spiritual disciplines that would bring us closer to God. Lori Berry shares which spiritual habits we would be wise to stick to this year and beyond. Wednesday Interview A… Read More

Friendships, Fighting & Frappuccinos

What You Missed Mondays with Diane 4 Tips To Keep Healthy Resolutions on Track How can professionals set health goals for themselves AND maintain their already crazy schedules? As a professional woman who has made the conscious decision to live a healthier lifestyle, Diane Paddison shares how attainable… Read More

Habits, Honor, & Health

What You Missed Mondays with Diane The Spiritual Side of Mentoring Mentoring others isn’t simply an option to help other women in their careers. It is actually a Biblical mandate. Lori Berry shares instructions for building these relationships straight from God’s word. Wednesday Interview The… Read More

The Spiritual Side of Mentoring

One of 4word’s passion areas is mentoring. It’s one of the great ways we support women in the workplace as they seek to honor God, honor their families, and excel in the place where God has called them to work. We don’t often talk about the spiritual and… Read More

Music, Midlife & Merry Christmas

What You Missed Mondays with Diane Why You Should Be a Mentor (Yes you. Yes now.) No matter where you are in your life or career, you have valuable experience and perspective to offer those coming behind you, and there’s always someone coming behind. Read Diane… Read More