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Stop Trying To Dictate Your Life

Have you "enjoyed" this month's topic of priorities? (We used the quotation marks on purpose!) No one is immune to struggling with how to prioritize their lives. Stay-at-home moms struggle, C-Suite women struggle, entrepreneurs struggle — you get the idea. Because priorities are such a broad… Read More

Driven or Balanced: Which Is Better?

We live in an “instant gratification” age. Need to grocery shop but don’t have the time? Use a personal shopping service. Craving some dinner from that Italian place across town but don’t feel like going out? Schedule a delivery service through an app. Need an… Read More

The Practice of Setting Priorities

As women, we juggle. It's something we just have to do. Rachel Rose Nelson, founder of Her Worth International, tells us about a tool/trick she's incorporated into her life to keep everything moving. ------ You are a wife and mom, seminary student, businesswoman and… Read More

What Your Planner Says About You

Have you ever answered/played along with the question about being stranded on a desert island and only being able to have three things? The answers to this question can be incredibly insightful into the inner workings of a person! Most people pick their favorite people or… Read More

Rest is All About Rhythm

Last month, I shared with our 4word readers how keeping it simple in our walk with God can help us grow closer to Him. Closely related to simplicity is rest, not just something we need when we get tired and worn out but an actual Biblical… Read More

Resting Isn’t Failing

Sheri Sullivan, entrepreneur and board member-elect of the Rotary Club of Dallas, shares why she thinks women struggle so much with valuing and adding rest to their lives, and how she makes time to rest amidst her busy schedule. ------ 4word: What does the word… Read More

How To Rank Your Priorities

Before October ends, we wanted to provide you with just one more dose of "priorities" with some articles and blogs we've discovered over the month. Do you have a personal story about what you've learned about priorities this month? We'd love to share it! Send us… Read More