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Where Is Your Treasure?

Priorities. This shouldn't be a new word or concept to any of you. As women in the workplace, we are daily playing a plate-spinning act, trying to balance work priorities with home priorities. And just when we think we have our schedules and workloads figured out, something… Read More

Be Secure in Your Worth

This week, 4word is celebrating Giving Day, a chance for our community to join together and contribute to the mission of 4word as we reach more women in the workplace. (Click here to join me and contribute between now and September 14th!)  I am humbled daily… Read More

Do You Know Your Purpose?

Purpose. There's nothing more comforting... and terrifying. We have all experienced the turmoil of figuring out why we're here. Why were we created? What is our role in the grander scheme of everything going on on Earth? Does everyone have a purpose, or are there just a… Read More

Freedom: You Were Made For It

Long-time supporter of 4word, Elizabeth Knox, recently launched a company whose focus is helping professionals find freedom in their careers. She shares with us her personal definition of freedom and how she battles feeling “unfree” every day. ------ 4word: What is your personal definition of freedom? Elizabeth: As… Read More

Your Career Path Isn’t Set In Stone

Over the years I’ve seen many smart and talented women (and men for that matter) “burn out” of their professional careers. They leave their jobs not because they feel called to something else, but because they are tired and fed up. A job that once seemed exciting has… Read More

Giving Her the Spotlight

Eldridge and Alicia Broussard are both busy professionals working to juggle their careers with their family time. When Alicia received an exciting and sizeable promotion at work, Eldridge made a drastic decision about his career path in response. ------ 4word: Eldridge, can you share your background with our… Read More

Do Marriage and Career Mix?

Do you and your spouse work together? Do you think you (and your marriage) would survive working with your significant other? Heidi Rasmussen, co-founder and COO of freshbenies, talks with us about being in business with her husband and how they make it work! ------ 4word: How did… Read More

Shake Things Up

Have you ever wondered if your current job or career is really what you should be doing with your life? For many, this is a scary thought to have, especially if you feel like you’re already in your “dream job.” Tiffany Black experienced this feeling and shares with… Read More

Promotion, Please!

Is it time to ask for a raise or promotion? Is it past time? If you’re dreading (or avoiding) those conversations, you’re certainly not alone. But the conversation itself might not be as important as you think it is. Most people focus on the actual negotiation. They are… Read More

Let Her Nudge You!

Mentorship is one of the foundational passions of 4word and is something that as an organization we fiercely advocate. The 4word: Mentor Program has seen dozens of mentor/mentee pairs go through our 10-week sessions and emerge reinvigorated, realigned, and ready to tackle new or existing goals for their… Read More

What Will You Be When You Grow Up?

How do you know what you’re supposed to be when you grow up? I thought I knew going into college. I was determined that my future would be in fashion merchandising. I declared my major early, I worked all of my summer jobs in the same industry, and… Read More

Career, Kids, Then Another Career

There are many stages of parenting: infant years, toddler years, and school-age years. Then, your children are leaving the nest, and you’re left wondering, “What’s next?” When Rhonda Kehlbeck, Director for Global Engagement with the Halftime Institute, found herself with an empty nest, she began the journey… Read More

Corporate Balance Empowerment Rocks

Balancing career and family is a struggle that all working parents face. With meetings, projects, and clients competing with playdates, school activities, and quality time spent with your children, it’s no surprise that parents are often left feeling conflicted about deciding how to divvy up their day. What… Read More

Invest in Something New: YOU

Have you ever considered using an executive coach to help take your career to that next ladder rung? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an executive coach and impacting the lives of other professionals? May Busch was one of those dreamers, and she shares with us her story… Read More

How Taking a Detour May Get You to Your Dream

Talents, passions, and making your dreams a reality. This is often a long road with lots of twists and turns. Today, we are talking to one of our own team members, Jordan Johnstone, the mastermind behind Friday Faves and other copywriting endeavors here at 4word, about her newly… Read More

Once Upon a (Career) Dream

What is your dream career? As a child, what would you tell people you would be when you grew up? For many of us, those answers and what we are doing now don’t align. Maybe your interests changed, or maybe life just led you in a different direction.… Read More