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The Top 10 4word Blogs of 2018

Every week, we love bringing you stories and blogs about topics and issues facing 4word everywhere. Before we say goodbye to 2018, we wanted to recognize the top 10 blogs you, our audience, loved! We can't exactly play favorites (would you play favorites with your children?!),… Read More

How to Keep the Christmas Joy All Year

Merry Christmas week! We hope you are spending the next few days surrounded by loved ones and celebrating the birth of our Savior. This ultimate gift given to mankind is a beautiful example of unbounded love and exactly the reason we've wanted you to embrace… Read More

Give Back to Yourself

How many of you go online to look through reviews before purchasing a product? You want to make sure you’re investing your money in something that will actually solve your problem or bring you enjoyment! Thanks to the honest feedback of others, you may be able to… Read More

Giving Back is More Than a Check Mark

When you think of the phrase “giving back,” what pops into your mind? Volunteering? Making a donation? Dr. Stephanie L. Derrick, CEO of Cloister and an author and historian, offers a slightly different perspective on the idea of giving back this holiday season (and… Read More

Be The Gift of Change

Merry Christmas to our 4word family! As we all celebrate and take time to relax over the next few days, we wanted to not only wrap up our year on the 4word blog but also come full circle with this month's topic of giving. We discussed different… Read More

The Gift of Unity

The holiday season is a time of celebration, joy, traditions, and family. However, these traditions and memories can also trigger feelings of grief over a loss or frustration over family dynamics. I feel very fortunate to have a family that looks forward to gathering together… Read More

El Regalo de la Unidad

Le temporada navideña es un tiempo de celebración, gozo, tradiciones, y familia. Sin embargo, estas tradiciones y memorias pueden traer sentimientos de dolor sobre la perdida de alguien o las frustraciones de la dinámica familiar. Me siento muy afortunada en tener una familia que espera… Read More

We All Have Something to Give

Growing up with a focus on volunteering and giving back to the community, Sheila Moore, chemist and business owner, wants to blaze a trail for women in the science world while also coming alongside her community and investing back into her town. ------ 4word: As… Read More

The Gift of Reflection

Well hello there, December. You really snuck up on us! This time of the year is always a mix of emotions. For most of us, excitement is building for Christmas and getting together with family and friends to celebrate Christ's birth. Others may be feeling some sadness… Read More