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We All Have Something to Give

Growing up with a focus on volunteering and giving back to the community, Sheila Moore, chemist and business owner, wants to blaze a trail for women in the science world while also coming alongside her community and investing back into her town. ------ 4word: As… Read More

Jesus and You: Where Credit is Due

Over the past two and a half years, I have experienced the toughest challenge I have ever faced in my life. My daughter, Annie, had an entrapped sciatic nerve that caused pain every hour of every day. After three surgeries she is beginning to heal, but she continues… Read More

“Community” is More Than a Buzzword

Carolyn Kaleel and Nancy Bolton have been best friends for over four decades and have learned a thing or two about what it takes to surround yourself with an edifying community. They share their story with us today and talk about their involvement in the Portland Fellows Program.… Read More

My Crowd-Sourced Marriage

Sharla Langston had a unique journey to finding her husband at the age of 50. Find out the secret to her success! ------ 4word: What made you want to minister to single Christians looking to marry? Sharla: Having married for the first time at 50, I don’t… Read More

When My Church Community Let Me Down

"Community" is a buzzword we hear everywhere we turn. In the media today, we see examples of both good community and bad: the racial unrest plaguing America and much of the world on one side, and countries rallying behind their Olympic teams on the other. Every individual experiences many… Read More

Give Joy This Christmas

Erin Burchik and her husband, Brian, have spent their entire marriage seeking out ways to impact the lives of those less fortunate in their community. After adopting their daughter in a miraculous turn of events and recently adopting three more precious foster children into their family, Erin became burdened… Read More

When Wanting Turns to Waiting

Becoming a parent is something that many couples dream about and plan for. Most women can recall wanting to be a mommy ever since they held their first baby doll. Once a couple begins trying to start their family, however, they just might discover that God’s plan for… Read More

Strangers In Their Own Church

A hot topic among Christians lately has been single or childless women in the church and how they "fit in." Church small groups, classes, and weekly activities seem to cater either to men or stay-at-home moms. Everyone else in the congregation either gets clumped together into a generic… Read More

Friendship & Sisterhood & Community, OH MY!

Finding and building community among family, friends, and co-workers is one of the most time-consuming yet eternally rewarding tasks one can undertake. The relationship between siblings can be one of the truest forms of the idea of community. We spoke with sisters April Swaine and Jana Ventura about… Read More

Life Changed Your Plans:: Finding Contentment

How many times do we let circumstances get the best of us? We all know life is unpredictable and does not function according to our plan. For Denny Slaton, this couldn’t be more true. Now, when Denny reflects on where God has brought her, she sees the lessons… Read More

The Difference Community Makes

The holidays are a time to gather and celebrate with loved ones, but sometimes we get so busy with preparations that we forget that. We’ve introduced you to Mandy Castro (Jason Castro‘s wife) before. Today, we wanted to pause before the crazy rush of the holidays begin and… Read More