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Online Book Club: Your Faith at Work!

What do your co-workers think about the typical “Christian” in the workplace?Unfortunately, there are some not-so-flattering stereotypes about Christians out there. “Christians are judgmental and intolerant.” “I don’t want anyone to convert me - Christians are too pushy.” “He acts like a prude, but deep down we all… Read More

Love Better: Love What They Love

Want to love someone better? I could say a lot here, beginning with the fact that I am certainly not perfect at this.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my relationships with loved ones, but I’ve also learned a lot of lessons.  Here’s one in a nut shell:… Read More

Friday Favorites

How to Date a Guy Who Is Totally into You! On Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 12 p.m. CDT, w2wlink will host a one-hour webinar, presented by Nina Atwood, host of Nina will cover the following topics: how to drastically reduce emotional neediness how to create a sense… Read More

Interview: Bonnie Wurzbacher

This week’s interview features Bonnie Wurzbacher, Senior Vice President, Global Customer & Channel Leadership, The Coca-Cola Company. Bonnie began her career in 1984 as a national account executive at the Minute Maid division of The Company. Now, she is a passionate advocate for the role of ethical, sustainable… Read More

Online Book Club: Work Hard and Love What You Do

What do you want to be when you grow up? In Chapters 7-9 of Work, Love, Pray Diane encourages young women to work hard, discover strengths and play to passions.  Of course, it can take time – even years – to find the right career path. But no matter… Read More

“Purposeful” Work

What does your work mean to you? Later this week we’re interviewing Bonnie Wurzbacher, an executive at Coca-Cola (and a really great Christian lady!) for her take on how to bring meaning to your work.  Don’t miss it! Bonnie’s wise words have got me thinking this week about… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Black Friday, everyone! Whether you’re planning to hit the stores today or to just relax at home with family and friends, we hope you’ll take some time to read through the blogs we’re linking to today. Each post brings a slightly different perspective on the Thanksgiving holiday.… Read More

What are you thankful for?

Hello there! In case you haven’t noticed, our blog this week is Thanksgiving themed. A tradition that my family started several years ago is to go around the table before we eat our Thanksgiving dinner and share something we are thankful for. I thought I’d take a fun… Read More

Online Book Club: What's Love Got to Do with It?

Welcome to week two of our online book club about Work, Love, Pray! This week, we're discussing chapters 4 - 6. If you missed last week's discussion of chapters 1 - 3, it's not too late to chime in here. For a full schedule of the book club, go… Read More

A Week of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! Rather than write about work this week, I thought I’d take a little time out to reflect on Thanksgiving and what it means both as a holiday and as a spiritual endeavor. Let me just say that I love Thanksgiving. I love the weather,… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! Will any of you be hitting the stores for Black Friday this time next week? If so, we wish you luck in your bargain-hunting. In the meantime, here’s a list of our favorite “pray” themed blog posts from this week. Around the Blogosphere “Dealing with… Read More

Interview: Lisa Whittle

Authenticity. It’s something we simultaneously fear and crave, and something we don’t like to admit is a struggle for us. It’s also something that Lisa Whittle often writes about. Her latest book, w{hole}, talks about the holes in our lives and how God uses them to make us… Read More

Online Book Club: What's Your Story?

Welcome to the first discussion week of our online book club. This week, we're discussing chapters 1 - 3 of Work, Love, Pray. (For a full schedule, go here.) If you haven't read those chapters yet, don't worry. Jump in anyway. Ready? Let's go. -------------------- Every woman has… Read More

When Things are Going Wrong

Is everything going your way? Is anything? It’s okay to say “no.” Life is full of twists and tangles, and we all are bound to hit some bumps along the way.  I received two emails recently that got me thinking about how we deal with life when things… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Veterans’ Day everyone! To any of our readers who are or have been in the military, we at 4word would like to say thank you for your service to our country. And now, without further ado, here are a couple of announcements, plus our favorite blog posts… Read More

Interview: Marian Jordan

We all know that plenty of what we see in the media is neither wholesome nor uplifting, but how do we deal with that? How do we live “in but not of” the world? This week, we talk to Marian Jordan, author of Sex and the City Uncovered… Read More

Online Book Club: Introduction

I’m thrilled to partner with 4word and host the first Work, Love, Prayonline book club. Care to join me? Great, let’s get started. To begin, we’ll answer a few questions. What are we doing? We’re going to read – and discuss – Diane Paddison’s newly released book, Work,… Read More

Love and Loss

Have you lost someone? Love is a beautiful and wonderful gift from God.  But we live in a broken world, and that means we are bound to feel the loss of people and relationships we care about.  The truth is, we all have or will lose people we… Read More

Friday Favorites

The weekend is here! Before you head out to enjoy the cooler fall weather, here are some announcements and links for you to check out. Join our online book club! We’re really excited about this, if you can’t already tell. Next Tuesday, we’ll begin a seven-week study of… Read More

Interview: Susan DiMickele

We have an exciting announcement for you today! On Tuesday of next week, we will launch the first Work, Love, Pray online book club. We’ll be hosting the club every Tuesday on our blog, and the discussion will be led by Susan DiMickele. (For those of you just… Read More