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Friday Favorites

The first week of 2012 is officially over, and (sadly) so is the holiday season. We at 4word hope the year has started well for you. If you, like some of the members of our team, have a New Year’s resolution that you are trying to keep, you’ll… Read More

A New Kind of New Year's Resolution

Meet Ali Lamb! Ali is a 22-year-old recent graduate of Northwestern University, where she studied Journalism and Spanish. She currently lives in Texas and is thoroughly enjoying ample amounts of Tex-Mex, breathtaking sunsets and Southern chivalry. Ali will begin law school in the fall.  -------------------- New Year’s resolutions have always held… Read More

Friday Favorites… of 2011!

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve! We realize every blog everywhere is indulging in a “Top 10 __ of 2011” post, but we just can’t help ourselves. In the spirit of being slightly different, we’re giving you the 4word team's “Top 5” … in 7 categories. Best Music Young… Read More

Friday Favorites

It’s almost Christmas! And since it’s our last post before Christmas, we’re giving you your present a couple of days early. It’s a Christmas Video Roundup! “Joy to the World” – from Operation Christmas Child’s shoebox processing center. It’s the sounds of the processing center masterfully mixed into… Read More

Interview: Jaime Jamgochian

Since music is such a big part of the holiday season, we decided to interview a musician for our last post before Christmas. And we knew the perfect woman to talk to! Diane met Jaime Jamgochian back in early November. Jaime was leading worship at the PURE conference,… Read More

Friday Favorites

Last Minute Christmas Helper There are only nine shopping days left until Christmas, but before you begin to panic about all the gifts you have to buy and ship, let us help you out. Holiday Gift Guides from Real Simple – Whether you’re buying for teenagers, young kids,… Read More

Interview: Lyn Cook

This week, we’d like to draw your attention to a wonderful ministry called Priority Associates. They are a branch of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) that serves professional men and women. Priority Associates is active in 22 U.S. cities as well as in London. For our interview,… Read More

Your Most Important Relationship

What is your most important relationship? I read a quote last week from a public figure under some fire for being “too forthright” about his religious views: “If you're married, and you have a wife, and you really love your wife, is it good enough to only say… Read More

Online Book Club: Your Faith at Work!

What do your co-workers think about the typical “Christian” in the workplace?Unfortunately, there are some not-so-flattering stereotypes about Christians out there. “Christians are judgmental and intolerant.” “I don’t want anyone to convert me - Christians are too pushy.” “He acts like a prude, but deep down we all… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Black Friday, everyone! Whether you’re planning to hit the stores today or to just relax at home with family and friends, we hope you’ll take some time to read through the blogs we’re linking to today. Each post brings a slightly different perspective on the Thanksgiving holiday.… Read More

What are you thankful for?

Hello there! In case you haven’t noticed, our blog this week is Thanksgiving themed. A tradition that my family started several years ago is to go around the table before we eat our Thanksgiving dinner and share something we are thankful for. I thought I’d take a fun… Read More

A Week of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! Rather than write about work this week, I thought I’d take a little time out to reflect on Thanksgiving and what it means both as a holiday and as a spiritual endeavor. Let me just say that I love Thanksgiving. I love the weather,… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! Will any of you be hitting the stores for Black Friday this time next week? If so, we wish you luck in your bargain-hunting. In the meantime, here’s a list of our favorite “pray” themed blog posts from this week. Around the Blogosphere “Dealing with… Read More

Interview: Lisa Whittle

Authenticity. It’s something we simultaneously fear and crave, and something we don’t like to admit is a struggle for us. It’s also something that Lisa Whittle often writes about. Her latest book, w{hole}, talks about the holes in our lives and how God uses them to make us… Read More

Online Book Club: What's Your Story?

Welcome to the first discussion week of our online book club. This week, we're discussing chapters 1 - 3 of Work, Love, Pray. (For a full schedule, go here.) If you haven't read those chapters yet, don't worry. Jump in anyway. Ready? Let's go. -------------------- Every woman has… Read More

When Things are Going Wrong

Is everything going your way? Is anything? It’s okay to say “no.” Life is full of twists and tangles, and we all are bound to hit some bumps along the way.  I received two emails recently that got me thinking about how we deal with life when things… Read More

Love and Loss

Have you lost someone? Love is a beautiful and wonderful gift from God.  But we live in a broken world, and that means we are bound to feel the loss of people and relationships we care about.  The truth is, we all have or will lose people we… Read More

Faith and Work

How do you share your faith at work? Publishing a Christian book has had a totally unexpected impact on my work life.  A great example is from just this past week.  I was at the Urban Land Institute national conference in Los Angeles.  U.L.I. is a nonprofit group… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve had an exciting week here at 4word. We’ve been rolling out some new features on our Facebook page, including a giveaway for our Facebook fans. Congratulations to Lori Koons on winning a free copy of Work, Love, Pray! If you missed out on that… Read More

Interview: Judy Douglass

God uses many circumstances in our lives to stretch our faith, and parenting is one of them. Sometimes, no matter how hard we strive to be godly mothers, our children turn their backs on God. They become prodigals. It can be a painful journey, and it’s one that… Read More