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The Reality of Prince Charming

Meet Kellie Hill: Senior Project Manager at CBRE. In addition to meeting the demands of a successful and growing career, Kellie is engaged to be married to her Prince, Brian. She won’t call him her Prince Charming though. Kellie explains: ----- 4word:  Tell us a little bit about Brian.… Read More

Balancing Act: a Dual Career Marriage

Brooke Armstrong and her husband Drew are in the middle of very successful careers, yet they have managed to balance two demanding work schedules with a strong marriage. Last week, we chatted with Brooke to learn some inside information on how the Armstrongs do it. --------------------  … Read More

How to Tell If You’re Dating For Keeps

Is the guy you’re dating a guy you could (or should) marry? Don’t worry, even if you’re not in a relationship yet, it’s not too early to start thinking this through, and it actually might be better to come up with a plan before those warm fuzzy feelings… Read More

What to Do with Life's Leftovers

Today, we introduce you to Sheila B.  Sheila's husband is the late E. K. Bailey, who was pastor of Concord Baptist Church for almost thirty years before succumbing to cancer. Sheila and E. K. were introduced in college by his friend, Melvin Wade. (E.K. later returned the favor… Read More

Love That’s Worth the Wait

Want to marry the right guy? Feeling like you’re behind schedule? We are working Christian women. Women of action! As such, we like plans, goals, and tasks to complete. That’s why it can be hard to really trust in God’s timing when it comes to love. God doesn’t… Read More

Top 10 Interviews of 2012

Welcome to 2013! The new year is officially here, but before we forge ahead with another series of interviews with inspiring women, we wanted to pause and call your attention to some that you might have missed in the past year. What follows is a list of our… Read More

A New Year for Love

It’s “resolutions” time again!  Something about starting a new year makes everything seem possible. That’s why it’s a great time to reflect on your goals for the year. Plenty of people make offhanded New Year’s resolutions. This year I encourage you to act, scheduling a specific time to… Read More

When You Find Out He's Actually Mr. Wrong

Diane has blogged before about the qualities to look for in a husband. But what do you do when you’ve found a guy who possesses those qualities … only to discover months later that he lacks some of the most important ones? Dallas 4word woman Julie has been… Read More

In Love, and Out-Earning Him

According to the Wall Street Journal last week, around 40% of American women serve as the primary breadwinner for their families, in some cases leading to significant marital strife.  For most of my working life, I was part of that 40%. And I’ve seen the breadwinner role from… Read More

Choosing a Partner on the Path to "Having It All"

Could choosing the “right” guy be the key to having it all? Some high profile women think so. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg called this choice the “most important career decision you’re going to make,” while giving the commencement address at Barnard College. Sandberg went on to explain that… Read More

Don't Miss 'Em: Our Top 5 Interviews

Welcome to Wednesday, ladies. Did you know that last week we posted our 50th interview? To celebrate, we’re mixing things up a bit today and posting a list of our five favorite interviews from the past eleven months. Of course, we think all of the women we’ve interviewed… Read More

Waiting on God's Timing

This week we’re introducing you to Stacy Varghese (pictured here with her husband, TJ). Stacy is the Development Manager at Global Media Outreach, a non-profit organization founded by former Apple Computer Executive, Walt Wilson. She's spent most of her working life in non-profit boardrooms full of middle-aged married… Read More

All about self-management

This week, we interviewed Kathy Peel, an author, speaker and expert on family management, about a topic you might not think is part of managing your home: self-management. -------------------- 4word: What is self-management and why is it important? Kathy: Managing everything in your life is really about managing… Read More

How Not to Sabotage Your Path to Marriage

Have we got a treat for you this week, ladies! We’ve linked to some great posts on over the past several months, and this week, we sat down with Lisa Anderson, head of the Boundless team and host of The Boundless Show podcast. She had some great… Read More

Love and (talking about) Money

It’s a quiet evening, Chris and I are sharing glasses of wine and take-out from one of our favorite restaurants.  Seated close together at the kitchen table, we compare notes on the papers we have spread out in front of us. We’re deep in conversation, sometimes laughing, sometimes… Read More

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, ladies! Did you know we’re only two weeks away from Good Friday? How does your family celebrate Easter? Leave us a comment and let us know. Take Notice Are you a photographer? We’re looking for one or more photographers who would be willing to contribute photos… Read More