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Top 4word Blogs of 2020

As we wrap up 2020 and look forward expectantly to 2021, we thought it would be fun to go back through all of our weekly blogs from the past 12 months to see which ones resonated with readers the most. Read More

A Thankful Heart Gives Us Hope

JoAnne Baldwin, marketer at PitchBook and marketing co-director for 4word: Seattle, writes candidly about how the COVID-19 outbreak opened her eyes to the importance of a thankful heart, even when gratitude seems like the least likely response. Read More

How to Hire (and Fire) Well

Julie Bolton, VP of Casualty Risk Engineering at Zurich Insurance and 4word: Houston board member, shares hiring and firing insights she has learned in her years in management and what you can do to keep your team running as smoothly as possible. Read More